Stop losing deals due to your salespeople not being
professionally trained how to sell and close.

If your company’s income is dictated based on salespeople’s performance,
then doesn’t it make good common business sense to invest in professional
sales training and make it part of your business model?

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The Learning Never Stops In Sales

PowerSalesUniversity.com has developed a world-class sales training curriculum that trains salespeople of all levels to master the art and science of sales. No matter what your organization sells, or how you sell it, our sales training will increase gross sales. We train the fundamentals, the nuts and bolts on how to close from A-to-Z.

The PowerSalesUniversity.com curriculum includes interactive sales training modules whether you sell over the phone, face-to-face, or both regardless of product or industry. We’ve found out what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to.

For a complete understanding of our training, download the course outline. We are constantly adding new content to our training system on a monthly basis.

  • Your Foundation

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming

  • Rapport and the Power of Questions

  • Collecting Ammunition and Eliminating Objections

  • The Liquid Presentation

  • Closing and Handling Objections

  • Finding More Qualified Leads

  • Competing with a Lower-Priced Competitor

  • How to Talk to and Close Business Owners

  • How to Close Your Company’s “Dead” Deals

  • Getting Internet Leads to Pick up Their Phone

  • Getting Through the Gatekeeper

  • Your Selling Style

  • How to Upsell in a Relationship Sale

  • Selling Intangibles

  • How to Close Salespeople and Others That Know
    Sales Techniques

  • Selling a Commodity

  • Justify Your Drop Close

  • How to Effectively Manage Your Leads

  • Visualize the Sale Like CAD (Computer-aided design)

  • The 10 Commandments of Networking

  • The 80/20 Rule Applies to Everything

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The Success
of Power Sales University

Real Education for Salespeople

Studies show that 90% of all salespeople have never even read one sales book.

Power Sales University created this system and platform to give salespeople the education they have been lacking.

Training is not something you did, it’s something you do. The learning never stops, which is why we provide ongoing, cumulative monthly modules.

We found out what works and what doesn’t so your salespeople don’t have to at the company’s expense.

Our Mission

“Teach sales professionals the most powerful sales techniques ever, which will enable them to CLOSE more deals”